Gay gladiators fight and fuck in front of a live audience

Naked Kombat Gay Wrestling demonstrates its 1st of all time shoot in front of live audience! The battlers for these lucky guests are no aliens to the sport. Patrick Rouge and Tyler Saint accept both dealt their fair share of supremacy on the mat. Patrick has one win and one loss to his credit but has proved himself as not only a formidable opponent but one hell of a bottom as well. Tyler is without a victory so far but only because of a mess of cheap shots dealt to his opponent Nick Moretti in a match otherwise filled with Tyler on top. This hard slamming match has public humiliation at stake and these gay wrestling fighters go balls out to avoid being on the wrong end of it.

Punishing blows, brawling for dominance, and fucking to win

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TJ Young has martial arts experience and a polite demeanor. Too bad he’s matched up with brute brawler Dak Ramsey! TJ is looking forward to a good match and is used to the controlled sparring ring of a martial arts studio. Dak is used to bar fights where it’s all about doing whatever it takes before getting caught. But what will happen when both fighters’ believe their strengths to be on the ground? The prevalence of slams, holds, chokes, submissions, and hard cocks in this gay wrestling fight make it one to definitely not miss.

Extreme fighting with thick muscles and thick dicks

Gay wrestlers fight naked in the mud

Nice guy Dean Tucker battles the sarcastic and careless James Hamilton. Dean Tucker is a sweetheart — but don’t let that fool you when he steps on to the mat. He packs a surprising arsenal of moves from his days as a college kick boxer, and there’s nothing nice about the way he unleashes them. James brings his street-fighting mentality to the Naked Kombat ring, but it only goes to show that you need more than an attitude to stay on top here. Yes – he’s the bad-ass in the Naked Kombat Gay Wrestling opening titles. A close match throughout, you won’t want to miss the final mud round in which each combatant is covered from head-to-toe, and is made to abandon their strengths in favor of anything that will keep them from being the bottom.

The loser gets his ass kicked… then fucked

Gay wrestling in oil. Fight and fuck in hot oil

Big Cayden Banks is going head to head with Shane Erickson, who has martial arts skills. Cayden uses his weight advantage and dirty gay wrestling fighting skills against tall, lean, and cut Shane. After two rounds of this gay wrestling match, the two fighters are oiled down for the final Naked Round, in which the winner will sexually dominate the loser.

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Patrick Rouge and Wolf Hudson body slam, then slam cock and ass!

Stud gaywrestling fights against stud. Neither Wolf Hudson nor Patrick Rouge wants to lose. They each rip off tights and jocks, grab cock and balls, slap ass, and use submission holds — all for points. The loser must completely submit to the winner in the end, and the fighters do their best not to end up on the bottom. Let’s get it on!

Fighting and fucking so real you can smell it

Christian Owen pins down Lexx Scott and fuck him

Are you ready for another hard-slamming gay wrestling naked kombat match? Tough boy Christian Owen is all muscle and cock, but he lacks fighting skills. Lexx Scott shows up with his own singlet, ready to fight. Christian’s only strategy is to hang on tight.  During the match, all hell breaks loose as Christian is relentless in his use of headlocks and leg scissors.  One fighter turns the other into a bitch for the day and fucks him in the end.

This can of whoop ass is for you

Tober Brandt gets pounded on the mat then pounded in the ass

This week on gay wrestling arena muscular Brock Armstrong takes on the notorious Bound Gods dom Tober Brandt.
The naive and cocky Brock comes to Naked Kombat as a former state champ wrestler, and can’t wait to teach Tober what it’s like to deal with refined skill.
Tober, on the other hand, brings his street smarts and experience as a bouncer to show Brock that on this mat, rules will get you nowhere.
These gaywrestling fighters are evenly stacked, and it doesn’t take long for it to get personal between the two of them. Who will take the prize in this contest between proven method and rebellious disregard?

Real struggling. Real fucking

Spencer Reed brutally grinds and pounds John Stone

The tenacious John Stone is up against good ol’ boy Spencer Reed. Spencer is a shy, quiet guy  until show time. He brings his high school wrestling and college brawling experience to the mat, and is all smiles while dominating John Stone. John brings a good amount of tenacity to the ring, but no matter what he tries it doesn’t seem to be enough to get out from under Spencer’s chiseled body. Will John find his way to the top with the added challenge of the final round – a massive slick of oil? Or will he continue to suffer while making Spencer’s day?

A battle that ends the way nature intended: With someone’s cock down someone’s throat

Gay wrestlers can’t wait to fuck after a brutal match

Shayne Erickson takes on ambitious gaywrestling newcomer Jimmie Slater. Shayne Erickson brings his experience in Korean martial arts and kickboxing to the mat this week, along with the attitude to back it up. Jimmie is looking for a good fight and assumes that his experience gay wrestling with his buddies will get him through the day.  But it’s not long before Shayne’s long legs lock him up and take him down again and again.  After a naked kombat match full of humiliation and brutal takedowns, these gay boys fighters have no trouble keeping their cocks hard during the entire 3rd round gay wrestling battle.  But it’s during the final sex round that we see what’s been on both of their minds the entire time.

Are you man enough for this fight?

Tyler Saint slams Nick Moretti to the mat and Nick slams Tyler’s ass!

Two gay gladiators come face-to-face in Naked Kombat Gaywrestling, where fighters engage in real combat for three 8-minute rounds, whereupon the winner gets his way with the loser in the final Sex Round. In the third round of this bout, these muscle studs are slipping, sliding and slamming — with water gushing from above. Muscle studs Nick and Tyler are both tops, and they wrestle hard not to end up at the bottom.

Scraped, bruised, sweaty and sore. Success