Naked wrestlers with big dicks fight and fuck for real

It’s the gay wrestling combat of the beautiful failures.  Derrek Diamond was defeated by Lee Stephens, and Brandon Monroe was defeated by Brynn Wyson.  Derrek and Brandon come back with a chance to dominate someone. Brandon starts off super aggressive and in control. Derrek is quiet but tough and he has a plan.  Some of these studs are going at it for real for chance to spank and fuck the loser.

Get Pinned, Get Fucked

Rusty Stevens make Ben Deep his bitch

Undefeated powerhouse Rusty Stevens is out to protect his record against the trim 6’4″ newcomer Ben Deep.  As usual, Rusty wasn’t worried about training for the match, he just made sure he “looks good.” Ben is hungry to challenge this cocky pretty boy and with his martial arts background he thinks he can make Rusty wish he had trained for this. In the game of domination, can stamina overpower strength? But then again, this is Rusty after all.

Battle naked in the mud

Big and brawny Colby Keller readied himself for this gay wrestling match by brawling with his pals back home.
The tall and cut Dakota Rivers took a more reasonable approach with a hard-line cardio regimen at the gym. Dakota comes to the mat with one condition. He’s a total top. If he loses, he will choose flog over fuck.
Check out these two Naked Warriors in a hard hitting match in which the only thing dirtier than the fighting is the final mud round. All the more reason for the winner to make a bitch of the loser in the showers when it’s all over.

Where Physical Domination Leads to Anal Stimulation