Rusty Stevens and David Chase are slamming their bodies to the mat for the fuck gay wrestling domination

This week Rusty Stevens takes on newcomer David Chase. Rusty is back and he’s out of control. He’s been practicing and he has a few new moves under his belt.  David is a big guy and he wants to try out Naked Kombat. He seems like a nice guy but nice guys finish last here on Naked Kombat.

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Two brand new wrestlers join gay wrestling the ranks this week. Sebastian Keys is a three-time black belt and brings a level headed confidence to his fighting style. Tommy Defendi doesn’t have nearly the same experience but he’s got plenty enough attitude to not care how much training his opponent has. Tommy is taller and bigger than his opponent, and he’s just eager to fuck Sebastian with his nine inch cock.

Size or skills, you’ll be the judge

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It’s the gay wrestling combat of the beautiful failures.  Derrek Diamond was defeated by Lee Stephens, and Brandon Monroe was defeated by Brynn Wyson.  Derrek and Brandon come back with a chance to dominate someone. Brandon starts off super aggressive and in control. Derrek is quiet but tough and he has a plan.  Some of these studs are going at it for real for chance to spank and fuck the loser.

Get Pinned, Get Fucked

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Patrick Rouge returns to add another notch to his Naked Kombat belt. Patrick prepares by slimming down and increases his flexibility for this fight. As luck has it, he shows up with a sort of stomach flu and he’s not 100%. Patrick refuses to back down and soldiers on til the end. Trey Turner is big and muscular. He did his homework by looking up Patrick’s previous bouts. Even after seeing Patrick dominate he thinks it’s going to be an easy day on the mat. But much like all Gay Wrestling first timers, he’s in for a rough lesson.

Gay wrestlers fight naked in the mud

Nice guy Dean Tucker battles the sarcastic and careless James Hamilton. Dean Tucker is a sweetheart — but don’t let that fool you when he steps on to the mat. He packs a surprising arsenal of moves from his days as a college kick boxer, and there’s nothing nice about the way he unleashes them. James brings his street-fighting mentality to the Naked Kombat ring, but it only goes to show that you need more than an attitude to stay on top here. Yes – he’s the bad-ass in the Naked Kombat Gay Wrestling opening titles. A close match throughout, you won’t want to miss the final mud round in which each combatant is covered from head-to-toe, and is made to abandon their strengths in favor of anything that will keep them from being the bottom.

The loser gets his ass kicked… then fucked